The Inspiration

The Inspiration
One night, several years ago Dallas scenic designer Peter Wolf fell asleep, deep in prayer. His focus was to hold the loved one he was praying for in God’s space of love, peace, glory and eternity.That night, as he dozed off, he held this person in his heart and in his mind by holding his thumb and index finger together. When he awoke the next morning he felt a pulsing in his fingers. He just knew that his prayer had been heard. He also experienced a vision. He grabbed a pencil and his sketchpad and drew a circle with a cross in the center. He had no idea what this was to become. As he sketched, three words lingered in his mind: “I am always”.

The Vision
The vision of the cross began to take shape and he realized the meaning. Something happens when your intent comes from the depth of your being. When a person unselfishly holds another in prayer by touching the thumb and first finger together a connecting is felt between the person praying, the person being held in prayer and God. This trinity is a blessed event. The “I am always” that he kept hearing over and over is a simple reminder that we are never alone. God is always with us.

2016 The Open Cross
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